Stonehenge of Arches
      .--.           This area is your standard round plot of land on
    .'.--.'.      top of what might be a large hill. The ground is
   /_/    \_\     covered in grass, the sky is blue, and the air is
===|_|    |_|===  not stagnant. The noon sun can bee seen off in the
`. |_|    |_| .'  distance. What makes this spot unusual is the large
===|_|    |_|===  stone archives that surround the area. Reminiscent
     /    /       of Stonehenge if it had been made by ancient Romans.
   .'   .'        Several arches lead off to now DEAD TinyMU*s. Unused
                  Unused arches are dark and hard to see into. This
place seems like a monument to the past. A testament to those who first
found the internet but have been lost to time or Death. Come look and
see what they've made because they can't or won't.
Cheers  DarkThornInn  QuartzPardise  Ministry