@rwho - Remote listing of Players

Click on a link below to see who is connected to the world. Requests are provided in real time using MUSH softcode. The softcode connects to the world and performs a WHO and then quits while relaying the responce via TeenyMUSH's internal web server.

ANOTHER Insane Asylum? Yeah, you'll fit in at this MUX!
CALAVERAS PennMUSH - Calaveras
CAVEMUSH CaveMUSH - A MUSH in a cave
CENTENNIAL RhostMUSH - Star Wars: Centennial
CHAOS_THEORY RhostMUSH - Chaos Theory
CITYOFHOPE City of Darkness
COMIC_ADVENTURES_MUX_2 RhostMUSH - Comic Adventures MUX (Rhost Port)
DAWN_OF_DEFIANCE RhostMUSH - Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance (Alt Site)
DEL Delusions MUCK
EDGE_OF_DARKNESS RhostMUSH - Edge of Darkness
ELEMENTS RhostMUSH - Elements
ESTRELLITA_CHRONICALS RhostMUSH - Estrellita Chronicals
FANTASY_MOON RhostMUSH - Fantasy Moon
FROM_THE_ASHES RhostMUSH - Star Wars: From The Ashes
GATEWAY_HORIZONS MUX - Gateway: Horizons
GLOBAL GlobalMUSH - one of the oldest social MUSHes
IF Interactive Fiction MUD
LABYRINTH RhostMUSH - Labyrinth (The Underground)
LARK Kilgore's test mush
MAGIC Magic City
MAGICAL_GIRL_DIARIES RhostMUSH - Magical Girl Diaries
MEDITERRANEAN_NIGHTS RhostMUSH - Mediterranean Nights
MSGU AresMUSH - Mobile Suit Gundam UC100
MUSH PennMUSH - M*U*S*H (Penn Dev Site)
MUXNEXUS_CODESTUFF RhostMUSH - MuxNexus CodeStuff (Test Site)
NAILS Beach town with bars, etc.
NARUTO RhostMUSH - Naruto: Fragmented Provenance
NAUGHTY Adult themed MUSH
NOKAOI RhostMUSH - No Ka Oi Rhos
ORIGINAL_CAJUN_KNIGHTS RhostMUSH - Original Cajun Knights
PANTHEONS_OF_EARTH RhostMUSH - Pantheons Of Earth, The
PARADISE RhostMUSH - Paradise
PARLOR Parlor City
PAVOR_NOCTURNUS RhostMUSH - Pavor Nocturnus
PENULTIMATE Adult Mush focused on land of Empyre
QUILL QUILL - Nyquil induced MUSHing
REGICIDE RhostMUSH - Star Wars: Regicide
RHOST RhostMUSH - A support site for RhostMUSH servers
RHOSTSHYL RhostMUSH - Rhostshyl
SHOUJO Adult themed based on small village in Japan
SONIC_UNIVERSE RhostMUSH - Sonic Universe
STELLAR_SANDBOX RhostMUSH - Stellar Sandbox
TALISLANTA RhostMUSH - Talislanta
TIM TinyTim - The world's oldest MUSH
TITANIC_TWO RhostMUSH - Titanic Two-Tone Tales Noir
TZ TZ - Twilight Zone the MUSH
WINTERS_EDGE MUX - Winter's Edge

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Player Name          On For   Idle  Doing
Dielmar              2m 17s     1m  
Casey MacKenzie      3m 45s     3m  
Ritsuko              4m 48s     4m  
Planck               4m 48s    50s  
Reuby                4m 48s     4m  
Stan_N               6m 25s     5m  
Cadell               9m 19s     9m  
Jokul                9m 21s     9m  
Darcy                9m 30s     4m  
Nearl               10m 30s    10m  
Lumine              10m 32s     6m  
Saber Astolfo       13m 21s    13m  
Sepia Belmont       13m 23s    29s  
Levi Ackerman       14m  6s    14m  
Velepa              19m 26s    11m  
Nagisa Sakurada     19m 26s    19m  
Aitachi no Kanon    19m 28s    19m  
Monster Girl        19m 18s     1m  
Madisono            20m 49s     2m  
Lillie              28m 25s    28m  
Sonia Belmont       30m 23s    12m  
Reset Kalar         30m 18s    31s  
Malasand            31m 38s     2m  
Kirara              34m 18s     8m  
Tomomi              37m 34s     3s  
The Goddess Seva'ii    40m  4s     2m  
Shanis              40m 56s    25s  
Linken              41m 34s     4s  
Gurina              43m 11s    22m  
Maria               45m 37s    45m  
Erin Graves         46m 34s     4m  
Grant               46m 53s     1m  
Sashura             50m 54s    10m  
Makoto              53m 12s    12m  
Fianna              54m 36s     3m  
Rock Light          57m 19s     3m  
Vira                 1h 59s    11s  
Luscious         1h  1m 30s     3m  
Myaa-chan        1h  1m 47s    32s  
Cadell           1h  3m 31s    55m  
Jokul            1h  3m 33s    30m  
Mona             1h  4m  4s     5m  
Cuora            1h  4m  4s     1h  
Ken Masters      1h 11m 41s     1m  
Isla             1h 12m 29s    12m  
Lilith Aensland  1h 12m 33s    11m  
Genny            1h 14m  5s     3m  
Friss            1h 18m 32s    25m  
Nami             1h 20m 59s    25m  
Sophie Schroeder 1h 22m 32s     5m  
Ahsoka           1h 24m 18s     1h  
Ellie            1h 24m 21s     1h  
Tali'Zorah       1h 24m 21s     1h  
Silv             1h 27m 57s     1h  
Malasand         1h 28m 41s    35m  
Bowser           1h 38m 31s     8m  
Niamh                1h 41m     5m  
Yuushirou Shihouin 1h 51m 26s     1h  
Anbessa          1h 55m 18s     1h  
Silken Lilt      1h 55m 35s     1h  
Adriana          1h 58m 11s     1h  
Alejandra        1h 58m 20s     1h  
Michael          1h 58m 28s     1h  
Flint            1h 58m 32s     1h  
Gruumsha         1h 58m 39s     1h  
Luana            1h 58m 49s     1h  
Sheryl Nome      1h 59m 47s    19s  
Kris                 2h 50s     1h  
Weldon           2h  4m 27s     2h  
Klaire           2h  5m 42s     9m  
Threo            2h 12m 13s     6m  
Etna             2h 15m 28s     1h  
Medb             2h 15m 28s    35m  
Jamie            2h 15m 31s     2h  
Katt             2h 15m 31s     2h  
Peach            2h 15m 33s     1h  
Hana             2h 15m 36s     1h  
Ibaraki          2h 19m 42s     1h  
J.P.             2h 24m 15s     2h  
Lacy             2h 25m 55s    19m  
Yenian           2h 32m 48s    15m  
Lyon             2h 36m 54s     2h  
Mariam           2h 41m  3s     1h  
Penitence        2h 41m  9s     2m  
Scorpia          2h 57m 22s     2h  
Kyonko           3h 14m 44s    41s  
Texas            3h 16m 57s     3h  
Talynn Black     3h 16m 57s     3m  
Lady Deathwing   3h 17m  2s    32m  
Blue Poison      3h 17m  2s     3h  
Suu              3h 17m  2s     6m  
Yang Xiao Long   3h 17m  4s     3h  
Goro             3h 17m 58s     1m  
Tartaglia        3h 22m 23s     1h  
Liskarm          3h 22m 26s     3h  
Aife             3h 22m 32s     2h  
Visapa           3h 22m 43s    37m  
Calis            3h 22m 46s     2h  
Sayako           3h 30m 18s    37m  
Jena             3h 31m  6s    34m  
Nezi                 3h 44m    32m  
Tamara           3h 50m 14s     5m  
Lancer Artoria   3h 50m 50s    35m  
Taihou           3h 51m  5s     3h  
Lapland          3h 51m 18s    43m  
Ellie Williams   3h 52m 45s     1m  
Jamal            3h 54m 48s    18m  
Natsuo Ishidou   4h  4m  8s     2m  
Suicide          4h 14m 46s    10m  
David            4h 15m 44s     1m  
America Chavez   4h 23m 29s     4h  
Takao            4h 30m 24s     2h  
Mazie            4h 30m 47s     2h  
Mindie           4h 34m 19s     3h  
Tiffanie         4h 34m 23s    20m  
Zaelya           4h 38m 55s     4h  
Haku             4h 38m 59s     4h  
Tifa Rockhard    4h 45m 59s     4h  
Yukino           4h 49m 26s     4h  
Alexander        4h 51m  9s     3h  I might be too old for this place.
Giovanni         4h 51m  9s     4h  
Lyselle          4h 51m 36s     4m  
Retro            4h 53m  8s     2h  
Sora Aoi         4h 54m 46s     2h  
Iowa             5h  1m 10s    11s  
Naomi            5h  5m  1s     4h  
Seriel           5h  5m  4s     5h  
Percy            5h  5m  7s     5h  
Inky             5h  9m  8s     2h  
sabina           5h 10m  2s    50m  
Despina          5h 18m 48s     5h  
Frankenstein     5h 19m 42s     4h  
Skyleaf          5h 20m 59s     7m  
Fry              5h 35m 39s    34m  
Amy              5h 45m 56s     4h  
Ren              5h 50m 28s     3h  
Kalina           5h 50m 39s     5h  
Mera             5h 54m 44s     5h  
Rachel of Blackmire 5h 55m 34s     1h  
Katsushika Hokusai 6h  9m 10s    43s  
Sandy            6h  9m 14s     4h  
Anna McGreggor   6h  9m 14s     2h  
Marinda          6h  9m 14s     4h  
Makoto Niijima   6h  9m 15s    47s  
Commander Lane   6h 11m 54s     1h  
Elijah           6h 13m  3s     4h  
Daphne Oakcrest  6h 17m 41s     6h  
Nitocris         6h 25m  2s    54m  
Vesteria         6h 25m 12s     6h  
Agni             6h 25m 16s     4h  
Keiran           6h 25m 18s     6h  
Mash             6h 26m  8s    44m  
Hana Uzaki       6h 28m 31s     2h  
Candy Bubbles    6h 30m 48s     6h  
Arthur Pendragon 6h 39m 21s     2h  
Tsui             6h 39m 36s     6h  
Sorai Sisters    6h 39m 36s     6h  
Ryisu            6h 39m 35s     2h  
Loli Gil         6h 39m 35s     5m  
Yun              6h 39m 35s     6h  
Konno Yuuki      6h 39m 35s     2h  
Fantastical Beasts 6h 39m 35s     2h  
Mouse            6h 39m 35s     5h  
Kaden            6h 39m 35s     6m  
Volg             6h 39m 35s     3h  
Professor Oak    6h 39m 35s     6h  
Dumezulu Manelesi 6h 50m 14s     2m  
Samira           6h 52m 33s    32m  
BB-chan          7h 15m 39s     7h  
Saber Astolfo    7h 19m 21s     4h  
Charia           7h 39m 34s     1m  
Stefan           7h 39m 49s    15m  
Hecate           7h 40m 51s     3m  
Silverrain       7h 51m 37s    19m  
Alianora         7h 52m 33s     2m  
Tressa           7h 56m  6s     2m  
Psyber           7h 57m 17s    37m  
Rannick Leiesh   8h  8m  6s    48m  
Jenna            8h 15m 48s    17m  
Landry           8h 27m 30s     1m  
Belldandy        9h 16m 30s     9h  
Swedra           9h 35m 25s     3h  
Selina Kyle      9h 50m 37s     9h  
Ruler Artoria       10h 16m    10h  
Chen                10h 16m    10h  
Mostima             13h 49m    13h  
Neeko               13h 49m    13h  
Doppel              13h 49m     4h  
M4A1                14h 12m    14h  
Naoto Shirogane     15h 11m    12h  
Executor            16h 11m     1h  
Serafine            16h 30m    14h  
Catra               16h 35m    25m  
Luluco              16h 52m    35m  
Flora               16h 54m     5h  
Jade                16h 54m     3h  
Auria               17h  6m    14h  
Rebecca             17h 10m     4m  
Shimmer             17h 13m    15h  
Tentar              17h 23m    10h  
Shay                17h 33m     7h  
Samsara             17h 59m     3h  
Charity             17h 59m    14h  
Mirage              17h 59m    17h  
Nanami Ordin        18h 28m     7h  
Riovannes           18h 28m     9h  
PJ                  18h 28m     7h  
C'trina             19h 31m     9h  
Caitrina            19h 31m     2h  
Lenna               19h 58m    19h  
Klaudia Valentz     19h 58m    19h  
Reika-chan          19h 58m    19h  
Lifa                19h 58m    17h  
Baeleth             19h 58m    18h  
The Powerpuff Girls    21h 46m    21h  
Verimeen            21h 46m    21h  
Jazzi               21h 46m    21h  
White Devil         21h 46m    21h  
Misha               21h 46m    21h  
Salome              21h 46m    21h  
Narumeia            21h 46m    21h  
Amalthea            21h 46m    21h  
Reisalin Stout      21h 46m    21h  
Mario               21h 46m    21h  
Kaede Starweaver    22h 20m    50s  
Evarra              22h 21m     1m  
Riddle           1d 53m 31s    18h  
Kal'tsit         1d  1h  8m     6h  
Ura              1d  1h 13m    14h  
Usalia           1d  1h 13m     1h  
Hinata           1d  1h 33m    17h  
Yoni             1d  2h  2m     4m  
Primer           1d  2h 54m     1h  
Cynder           1d  2h 57m     1d  
Loona            1d  3h 10m    18h  
Squish           1d  3h 12m     1d  
Alilkira         1d  3h 17m    26s  
Miki             1d  3h 29m     1h  
America Chavez   1d  3h 41m     1d  
Veronica         1d  4h 42m    12h  
Stephie          1d  4h 42m    20m  
Illyana          1d  4h 42m    15m  
Matilda          1d  4h 42m     1m  
Maemi            1d  4h 42m    29m  
Freefall         1d  4h 43m    18m  
Seraphine        1d  4h 43m    29m  
Kathleen         1d  4h 43m    12h  
Calliope         1d  4h 43m    22m  
Jeff             1d  4h 43m     1m  
Adam             1d  4h 43m    25m  
Veronica         1d  4h 44m     4h  
Stephie          1d  4h 44m    16m  
Illyana          1d  4h 44m    23m  
Matilda          1d  4h 44m    16m  
Maemi            1d  4h 44m    29m  
Freefall         1d  4h 44m    16m  
Calliope         1d  4h 44m    16m  
Seraphine        1d  4h 44m    16m  
Kathleen         1d  4h 44m     4h  
Jeff             1d  4h 44m    16m  
Adam             1d  4h 44m    16m  
Mirana Kinet     1d  4h 51m     1h  
Elise Bernard    1d  4h 51m     1d  
Terriel          1d  5h  5m     4h  
Haru Okumura     1d  5h 20m    17h  
Maid             1d  5h 34m     4h  
Quinn            1d  5h 34m     1d  
Muse             1d  5h 34m     6h  
Cheria           1d  5h 34m    17h  
Sakura           1d  5h 34m     3h  
Elliot           1d  6h 19s    17h  
Ramza            1d  6h 13m     1d  
Jeannette        1d  6h 30m     1h  
Candy Bubbles    1d  6h 45m     1d  
Psyber           1d  7h 39m     2h  
Shadow Huntress  1d  7h 50m     1d  
Kokonoe Mercury  1d  9h 10m     1d  
Charlotte Aubrey 1d  9h 10m     1d  
Champion Lillia  1d  9h 10m     1d  
Cecilie          1d  9h 10m     1d  
Minerva Dunn     1d  9h 10m     1h  
Pokemon Gone Wild 1d  9h 10m     8h  
Rukia Kuchiki    1d  9h 10m    11m  
Imp Midna        1d  9h 10m     1d  
Lady Bellatrix   1d  9h 10m     1d  
The Fulgere Twins 1d  9h 10m     4h  
Azalea           1d  9h 10m     1d  
Grace Crawley    1d  9h 10m     9m  
Susie            1d 10h 38m     1h  
Zelda            1d 11h 11m     1d  
Flonne           1d 11h 11m     1d  
Harem            1d 11h 11m     1h  
Erika            1d 11h 29m     1h  
Smoldr           1d 12h  5m    42m  
Haigha           1d 14h  9m     1h  
Brittany         1d 14h 44m     1d  
Laffey           1d 14h 49m    14h  
Ren Hatsumaki    1d 15h  9m    19h  
Seiya            1d 16h  4m    13h  
Tobey Keane      1d 16h 14m    17h  
Chloe v2.0       1d 16h 15m     6m  
Staren           1d 18h 19m     1h  
Daiwa Scarlet    1d 18h 39m     1d  
Mudrock          1d 18h 41m     1d  
DP-12            1d 19h 51m     1d  
A20G Havoc       1d 20h 38m    39s  
Bayonetta        1d 21h 24s     5h  
Yumiko           1d 21h 17m    27m  You people are unfriendly as fuck
Ashley Majors    1d 21h 57m     1d  
Kary Madison     1d 21h 58m     1d  
Tandy Williams   1d 21h 58m     1d  
Ysviden Githom-vaas 1d 21h 58m     1d  
Ginny Hartwell   1d 21h 58m     1d  
Jasmine Briggs   1d 21h 58m     1d  
Mona Chrome      1d 21h 58m     1d  
Tammy Ferrier    1d 21h 58m     1d  
Emma Watson      1d 23h 54m    18h  
Brighde          2d  6m 36s     1d  
Aglaia           2d  6m 44s     2d  
Dan              2d 30m 29s    19h  
Dani             2d 33m 31s    23h  
Ayala            2d  1h 32m    37m  
Lamb             2d  3h 43m     1d  
Freia            2d  4h 10m    23m  
Sicha            2d  4h 16m    21h  
Primer           2d  4h 30m     4h  
Shui Mo Village Guards 2d 10h 20m    20m  
Suzy             2d 11h  2m    33m  
Night Horrors    2d 12h  2m     4h  
Molly            2d 13h 56m     5h  
Aicha            2d 13h 55m     5h  
Zoe Yamin        2d 13h 54m     9h  
Serge            2d 13h 54m     6m  
Vaylon Kenadell  2d 14h 10m     2h  
Ghyslaine        2d 14h 23m    19h  
Shuten Douji     2d 14h 23m    13h  
Ansel            2d 17h 36m     2d  
Rurina           2d 17h 36m     2d  
Futaba           2d 17h 36m     2d  
Hana Song        2d 17h 37m     1h  
Bridget          2d 17h 37m     2d  
Verimeen         2d 20h 17m     2h  
Amana            2d 21h 38m    14h  
Estelle          2d 21h 44m     1d  
Velvet           2d 21h 45m     4h  
Twice-Cursed Khelira 2d 22h 11m     3m  
Raia             2d 22h 11m     3m  
Syrinx           2d 22h 11m     3m  
Hezra D'inferni  2d 22h 11m     3m  
Ilexa T'Sena     2d 22h 11m     3m  
Kaede Starweaver 2d 22h 11m     1d  
Evarra           2d 22h 11m     3m  
Alvis            2d 22h 31m     2d  
Ice Fairy Cirno  2d 23h 41m    19h  
Observer Alpha   3d 46m 12s    17h  
Luz              3d 52m 33s     2d  
Ceobe            3d  2h 55m    16h  
Esmerelda        3d  4h  4m    41m  
Incognito        3d  8h  8m     2d  
Dot Warner       3d 13h 49m     3d  
Three Fairies    3d 14h 24m    42m  
Ran Yakumo       3d 14h 38m    21h  
Miyu Edelfelt    3d 14h 44m     2h  
Rain             3d 14h 44m     4h  
Plutia           3d 14h 45m     1h  
Oakland          3d 15h 47m    16h  
Grim Aloe        3d 16h 14m    13h  
Amiya            3d 17h 29m    14h  
Eira             3d 18h  8m    18h  
Sanae            3d 19h 19m    14h  
Candace          4d 12m 21s    20h  
Mr. Meeseeks     4d 32m 19s     6h  
Jason            4d 46m 26s     1h  Communication is important
Yumiko           4d 46m 26s     3m  You people are unfriendly as fuck
Jason            4d  2h 26m     1h  Communication is important
Rothschild       4d  2h 55m     8h  
Dana             4d  5h 32m     4h  
Fairchild        4d  5h 53m     1d  
Miyaki           4d  6h 17m    17h  
The Draph Trio   4d  6h 18m     1d  
Suzuki Kaiyo     4d  6h 18m     9m  
Setsuna Belladonna 4d  6h 18m     1d  
Himitsu Delilah  4d  6h 19m     2d  
Shirabe          4d  6h 19m     4d  
Sayaka Thomas    4d  6h 20m     4d  
Valeria Hart     4d  6h 20m     1d  
Isabeth          4d  6h 20m     4d  
Pathfinder       4d  7h 17m     4d  
Christina Oleaster 4d 14h  4m     4d  
Mari Katsu       4d 14h  7m     4d  
Amani Jiniya     4d 14h  7m     4d  
Mana Kataribe    4d 14h  7m     4d  
Hino Rei         4d 14h  7m     4d  
Biril            4d 15h  5m     1d  
Doremy Sweet     4d 16h 34m     1d  
Nitori Kawashiro 4d 16h 35m     5h  
Katejina         4d 16h 35m     1d  
Mai Lin          4d 17h  2m    18h  
Izumi            4d 17h  2m    18h  
Niome            4d 17h  3m    18h  
Keiichi          4d 21h 45m     5h  
Reika            4d 21h 45m     5h  
Cheetara         4d 21h 45m     4h  
Priss Asagiri    4d 21h 46m    24m  
Star Butterfly   4d 22h  9m     1d  
Minako           5d  2h 40m     2d  
Limit Kalar      5d  4h  8m     4s  
Illyasviel       5d  5h  3m     4m  
Izumi Sagiri     5d  5h  3m    26m  
Volibear         5d 10h 38m    26m  
Captain Coil     5d 11h 48m    11h  
In the Flesh     5d 11h 55m    59m  
Karana           5d 16h 52m     1d  
Layla            5d 17h 11m     2d  
Amalia           5d 21h 16m    15h  
Oedipus          5d 21h 47m     3d  
Scavenger        5d 22h 33m    19h  
Tri'lantha       5d 22h 33m     4d  
Papika           5d 22h 33m     5d  
Shigure          5d 22h 33m    17h  
Yuudachi         5d 22h 33m     1d  
Silica           5d 22h 33m     1d  
Taiga Aisaka     5d 22h 33m     1d  
Aifu             5d 22h 34m     5d  
Fate Testarossa  5d 22h 34m     5d  
Little Sun Dragon 5d 22h 34m     8h  
Weiss Schnee     5d 22h 34m     3d  
Nagato           5d 22h 58m    45m  
Gruffington      6d  3m 45s     5d  
Luigi                6d  4m    15h  
Oedi             6d  4m  2s    16h  
Tidus            6d  4m  5s     6d  
Nyela            6d 49m 40s     1h  
Kuro von Einzbern 6d 56m 32s     4d  
Evelyn           6d 56m 57s     5d  
Terryn           6d 11h 19m     1h  
Kylan            6d 11h 56m     1h  
Orphelia         1w  2h 19m    10h  
Chrysalis        1w  3h 20m     5d  
Nerdy Black Man  1w  4h 30s    36s  
Blood            1w  5h 29m     1w  
Raana            1w  5h 29m     1w  
Megg             1w  5h 32m     1h  
Thogozz          1w  5h 32m     1h  
Mai Shiranui     1w 18h 26m     1h  
Morgan           1w  1d  1h    18m  
Liefa            1w  1d  1h     2m  
Willow Schnee    1w  1d  2h     2d  
Suzuran          1w  1d 15h    15h  
Jill Stingray    1w  1d 16h     1w  
Mash             1w  1d 17h     2d  
Sunburst         1w  2d  2h    28m  
Neopoly          1w  2d  2h     2d  
Red-XIII         1w  2d  2h     1d  
Cerberus         1w  3d  5h     1w  
Yumemi Riamu     1w  3d 11h     4d  
Sweet Aria       1w  3d 16h    16h  
Rachel Simmons   1w  3d 17h    18h  
Alexandria Aldrich 1w  3d 23h    18h  
Homura           1w  4d  6h     1w  
Chie             1w  4d 16h    14h  
Hoshiguma        1w  5d 16h     5d  
Nitocris         1w  5d 16h     1h  
Pidge            1w  5d 16h     2d  
Hisui Arima      1w  5d 20h    14h  
Azurra Blackstone 1w  6d  4h     1d  
Orihime          1w  6d 10h     4h  
Syraxa           1w  6d 21h    13m  
X                1w  6d 21h    14m  
Harmonia         1w  6d 21h    13m  
Nehemah          1w  6d 21h    14m  
Eleanora         1w  6d 21h    13m  
Sofia            1w  6d 21h    13m  
Prototype        1w  6d 21h    13m  
Tiki             1w  6d 21h    13m  
Alduin           2w  4h 22m    47m  
Rikku            2w 18h 32m    16h  
Nezi             2w  2d 13h     6h  
Rei              2w  3d 21h     2d  
Excellia         2w  4d 21h     4h  
Murielle         2w  6d 13h    19h  
Monster Lord Kyon 3w 33m 51s     1d  
Gabby            3w  1h 47m     1h  
Innogen          3w  1h 47m     2w  
Scarlet          3w  1h 47m     3w  
Neysa            3w  3h 34m     2d  
Ylia Vale        3w 17h  4m    18h  
Ilia             3w  2d  3h     1w  
Cirno            3w  3d 22m     3w  
Yang             3w  3d  1h    19h  
Cylia            3w  3d  1h    23h  
Hild             3w  3d  2h     3w  
Vivio            3w  3d  3h     3w  
Serena           3w  3d  3h     1w  
Ivy              3w  3d  3h     1w  
Mimi             3w  3d  3h     3w  
Yuna             3w  3d  3h     2w  
Manticore        3w  3d  3h     6d  
Shaw             3w  3d  3h     1d  
Rin              3w  3d  3h     1w  
Samus            3w  3d  4h     2h  
Elsa             3w  3d  4h     4d  
Glass-ADMIN      3w  3d  4h     4d  
Nina             3w  3d  4h     1w  
Best Mage        3w  3d  4h     1d  
Getsumei Kurohime 3w  3d  4h     1h  
Hermione         3w  3d  4h     1w  
Uriel and Qemuel 3w  3d  4h     1h  
St. Louis        3w  5d  3h     5d  
Kyouko           4w  1d 13m     2w  
White Devil      4w  1d  1h     1w  
Mario            4w  1d  1h     1w  
Salome           4w  1d  1h     2h  
Narumeia         4w  1d  1h     6d  
Reisalin Stout   4w  1d  1h     2w  
Jazzi            4w  1d  1h     1w  
Misha            4w  1d  1h     1w  
Zelda            4w  1d  1h     5d  
The Powerpuff Girls 4w  1d  1h     5d  
Amalthea         4w  1d  1h     1d  
Flonne           4w  1d  1h     2d  
Matthew Vargas   4w  3d  4h    16h  
Suzanne Derkins  4w  4d  3h    18m  
Evenya           4w  4d 17h     4w  
Avanya           4w  4d 17h     4d  
Recette          4w  4d 21h     3w  
Kuro             4w  4d 23h     4w  
Lycia            4w  5d  1h    23h  
Rydia            4w  5d  1h     2w  
Cassandra        4w  5d  1h     4w  
Himeko           4w  5d  1h     3w  
Winter           4w  5d  1h    17h  
Hayate Yagami    4w  5d  1h     1d  
Blake            4w  5d  3h     1w  
Lotto            4w  6d  6h     1d  
Lexicon          4w  6d 23h    12h  
Stan             5w  4d 13h    13h  
Tiel             5w  5d  2h     4m  
Katara           5w  5d 22h     2d  
Hailey           6w  5h 26m     2d  
Talvin           6w  5h 26m     2d  
Bealorelle       7w  1d  4h    10h  
Teri Vhander     7w  1d  4h     4w  
Lime             7w  1d  4h    10h  
Sadyreia         7w  1d  4h     5w  
Dracia           7w  1d  4h     3h  
Fyuria           7w  1d  4h     1h  
The Dawn Daughters 7w  1d  4h     6d  
Shiro            7w  1d  4h     7w  
Ilyasviel        7w  1d  4h    47m  
Cute             7w  1d  4h    30m  
Cagliostro       7w  6d  1h     4h  
Lolikeano Mistream 7w  6d  5h     2h  
Table-kun        7w  6d  5h     3w  
Amelie           7w  6d  5h     2d  
Caeline          7w  6d  5h     1d  
Mione            7w  6d  5h     3w  
Deis             7w  6d  5h     5d  
Arf              7w  6d  5h     4w  
Anne Blakely     7w  6d  5h     4h  
Natalia          7w  6d  5h     4h  
Kino             7w  6d  5h     1w  
Asuna            7w  6d  5h    53m  
Foxgirl Triplets 8w  1d  3h     1w  
Future Zelda     8w  1d  3h     2d  
Yuel             8w  1d  3h     3w  
Rubi Rose        9w  4d 44m     2w  
Aerith Faremis      12w  2d     1d  
Tracer              13w  1d     2d  
Toph                14w  1d     1w  
Ciwen               15w  2d     1w  
Alicia Yagami       15w  2d     6w  
Yip                 15w  2d     1w  
Lorr                15w  3d     1w  
Tifa                15w  3d     1w  
Katsumi             15w  3d     3d  
Ruby Rose           15w  3d     4w  
Senna               15w  4d    18h  
Astaelaanda         16w 16h    15h  
Mami                19w  1d     4w  
Ami                 19w  6d     3d  
Madoka              22w  1h     4w  
Ahri                22w  2d     3w  
World-ADMIN         22w  3d     1h  
Sitonai             22w  5d     5d  
MOMO                22w  5d     3w  
Kaguya              22w  5d     3w  
Roll                22w  5d     5d  
Nanoha              22w  5d     4d  
Sasami              22w  5d     2w  
Alexandra           22w  5d     5d  
Leonardo Da Vinci    23w  1h     2h  
Maria Calavera      23w  2d     7w  
Fate                23w  3d     2d  
Lyria               24w 16h     6d  
Link                24w  2d     6d  
Yoruichi            24w  2d     1d  
Dawn                24w  2d     3h  
Neige               24w  2d     2d  
Laine               24w  2d     2d  
Rena                24w  2d     2d  
Laddie              24w  2d     4d  
Haruhi              24w  2d     4h  
Puppy               24w  4d     3w  
Aeolian             27w  5d     1w  
Grea                29w 22h     1d  
Kyara               29w 23h     2d  
S'steisa            29w 23h     1w  
Tewi                29w  1d     4h  
Diamond             29w  1d     4h  
Priscilla           29w  1d     2h  
Crim                29w  1d     2h  
Usagi               29w  1d     1d  
Glory               29w  1d     1d  
Teen Summer         38w  2d     2w  
Weiss            1y  5h 48m     6d  
Meteor           1y  5w  4h     3w  
Lulu             1y  6w  1d    16h  
There are 618 players connected.